Sunday, May 30, 2010

UPDATED - Super Junior - Bonamana!

Download Links-

Rating: 9 out of 10
Sounds like - Sorry Sorry

YAYAYAYAYAY!! What a way for our staff to return, but to return to the comeback of one of our FAV boy groups super junior! and what an amazing comeback it is, despite it being 3 members short.

The boys sound FANTASTIC and it is obvious they're continuing the sexy sounds they originally picked up in their single 'Sorry Sorry'. BONAMANA is really really catchy and I can't wait to see the performances.

Extremely sorry for pulling the disappearing act on all of our followers. personal reasons..have heaps of stuff going on in our lives.

We'll try to upload as much as possible in the next few days so please sit tight and wait.
Thanks for supporting us even during our time of hibernatiion .

LOVE LOVE to our followers

UPDATE!!!- yay! we've finally uploaded the entire album. Sorry but we really can't upload the entire album onto youtube =(
hope you guys enjoy it!

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  1. It kinda just sounds like rokakko slowed down with different words...