Monday, May 31, 2010


Hey guys sorry for not updating but we're SO busy with personal stuff it's not funny. I'm not even updated on the kpop stuff.

anyways so we've decided to look for help!

Please send to our email-
an application. so basically we just need someone to help upload music. you don't have to do the reviews if you don't want to, we can get someone else to do that. just someone to upload music onto our mediafire account and upload a corresponding video onto youtube. of course you won't be the only uploader. we just need someone to share the workload with. so in the application please include the follow-

- Name
- why you want to help us out
- any previous experiences of doing similar work (link us to a site if you have a link) - dw we won't discriminate against you if you don't have experience because we're noobs ourselves!!
- fav kpop group! just so we get to know you better

thanks guy! we'd really appreciate it if you could help us out in being patient while we go through this transition period of high school to collage. it's been really hard on us.

we'll try to upload more. but atm that's close to impossible because we have finals coming up.


please continue to support us!


  1. Im Helpinggg =D

  2. I think you are cool!

  3. please come back soon!!! mustttt... download.... KPOP.... hahahah

    good luck with finals!!!!! ^^

  4. Any other ways I can help?