Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Look !

Hello guys! This is Joanna, the one who's in charge of the site's appearance. I haven't been doing a good job lately, forgive me. I've changed the site's layout. What do you guys think of it? Leave a comment and tell me. I'll like to improve, so constructive comments please.

I was thinking of adding a few pages, so it'll be easier for you guys to navigate around. Unless you guys still prefer everything on the sidebar, tell me. Comment and tell me what you would like to see on the site. I'll try my best to add new things to improve this site. Suggestions would be appreciated as well.

I think that's about it. Stay tuned for more surprises!


  1. Hey great job, was just browsing the site an hour ago, then the layout suddenly changed!

    The new artist listing has a lot more space between names, previously it was possible to just see the entire list at the top of the page, perhaps you could use a more compact list and put it somewhere easily accessed rather than having to scroll down so much.


  2. Hi! I just visited the site again today, and I loved the new look. Although I preferred (or at least got used to) the posts to being on the right side, it still looks good being placed on the left. You did a really good job on this. Thumbs up on the site's new look ^_______^

  3. hi. wow you are really really good. I love the new look.. keep it up ^^
    about adding a few pages, that's a good idea. that way it'll be more organise. keep all the most important things on the main page like updates and tagboard, but the labels could be in a new page. and maybe the affiliates too. ^^ it's just my opinions :)

  4. hey.... i really like the new layout... i like the way it looks.. but its always soooo dark and mysterious looking whenever i stop by.. so maybe a little bit more color??

  5. This layout is cool~ :D
    Actually i wasn't interested to stay in the blogspot anymore since it was not updated for a long time....
    However, the new layout and the updating of the songs are back on track which makes me interested to look for new kpop songs from here..haha
    Good Job in changing the layout...
    I like it very much since it is neater and more smooth to read ^^V....
    Keep up the good work...

  6. Hiyo, just visited a couple days back and gotta say, nice work on the layout, its very sleek and easy on the eyes, great shtuffs